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Nanochemistry is the combination of chemistry and nanoscience. Nanochemistry is related by synthesis of building blocks which are dependent on size, surface, shape and defect properties. Nanochemistry is being used in chemical, physical and materials science as well as engineering, biological and medical applications. Nanochemistry and other nanoscience fields have the same core concepts but the usages of those concepts are different. Nano-construct synthesis is dependent on how the surface, size and shape will lead to self-assembly of the building blocks into the functional structures; they probably have functional defects and might be useful for photonic, electronic, medical or bioanalytical problems.

  • Nano Medicinal Chemistry
  • Cancer Chemistry
  • Polymer Nanotechnology
  • Green Nanochemistry
  • Neurochemistry
  • Nano pharmaceutical chemistry
  • Applications of Nano chemistry
  • Organic Materials

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Nanomedicine 2017
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