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Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology for Drug Delivery using Nanotechnology session plays major role in the future of pharmaceutical research. In this session, we will go over several of the most important features of nanotechnology, anticancer drug developmentpharmocology of cancer drugs, that will impact our lives but we will also talk about what nanotechnology itself will be like in the future and Investigator specifically from cancer therapy. Interestingly pharmaceutical sciences are using nanoparticles to reduce toxicity and side effects of drugs and up to recently did not realize that carrier systems themselves may impose risks to the patient.

  • Design of Nano drugs
  • Drug Targeting
  • Smart Drug Delivery Technology
  • Nano liposome
  • Challenges and advances in Nano Pharmaceuticals
  • Nano Pharmaceuticals from the bench to Scale up
  • Future aspects of Nano Pharmaceuticals

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Nanomedicine 2017
Nanomedicine 2017
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