Nanomedicine in Cancer Therapy

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Cancer is the second leading cause of mortality, after heart attack. By 2020 there will be increase in the number of new cases by 15 million. Nanotechnology is used for both targeted drug delivery and intrinsic therapies. Nano particles are directly injected into the tumor and are activated to produce heat and destroy the cells of the tumor either by x-ray, light or Magnetic field. Gold Nano rods are being used to carry chemotherapy drugs into the tumor and locally excite it by infrared rays. The heat induced is helpful to destroy cells of tumor as well as encapsulate drugs.

  • Nanomedicine for early diagnosis of Cancer
  • Cancer stem cells
  • Nano sized Anti Cancer drugs
  • Market of Cancer Nanomedicine
  • Stem Cell Therapy
  • Tumour cell science
  • Cancer Causes and Preventions
  • Cancer and Pharmacology

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Nanomedicine 2017
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